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photos on tumblr

Just on the off chance that anyone is still wandering around these dusty halls looking for photos, I’ve started anew at tumblr.  The older material will probably not make it onto the net again, although I might select a few of them.

It’s Lan’s Place on tumblr. よろしくね。

willowroot redirecting

I’m not sure if anyone was still going to my old photo site or not, but it redirects here now, in case you tried to go there and ended up here with a puzzled look on your face.I want to build a photos page, or maybe I’ll just post pics individually, or maybe something completely different.  Anyway that explains that.

gomen ne?

Missed two Sunday updates in a row … inexcusable really.  First one I just forgot (was @ cousins’ place), second, … let’s not talk about that one.

I think I feel an anime review post coming on.  Or maybe something totally different.  Anyway next Sunday shall have a post no doubt.

speaking of fiction …

I’m making up my life as I go along on my new Twitter.

I figure it might even get me to post here more!

(The general principle with my life is, of course, I won’t do anything until it requires the absolute minimum of effort.  Twitter, with the Spaz desktop widget for posting, meets this requirement very nicely.)

Oh – the name.  Lan’dorien is a name that I started out using as a character name for an elvish hunter in a popular MMORPG that I played for a while (goes back to that minimum effort thing).  Since then I’ve been using it a bit for various things.  Other than the vaguely elven sound, it has no actual meaning.

incoming! will be redirecting here soon.  I figured its original purpose didn’t really exist any more and the blog software combined with Porta galleries is more versatile.  Look for some new pages soon featuring the old photos from Willowroot as well as, hopefully, some new stuff (shock horror!*).

*that means I’ll have to get out there and do some new work.  About time too.