new road bike on the way

As is my usual procedure, it being the coldest part of winter, I am planning a summer sport.  (Same goes for summer.  I’m all about the cross-country skiiing then.)  Not only does this provide a nice distraction from the current weather … well, in all honesty, I have to say that I think part of why I’m building a bike now has to do with direction, or the lack of it.  Cycling has always been my “thing”, albeit I’ve never been terribly good at it, and after Dad passed away I found myself rather adrift.  No excuse really, there’s the guitar that ought to be commanding my full attention (but which hasn’t been touched in two weeks), and there’s plenty of other important things I ought to be doing, but I think unconsciously I felt that to really get back on track I needed to get back to my roots and that’s on two wheels.

So with that ramble out of the way, now it’s time for a new road bike.  The best road bike I’ve ever had was a $350 Diamondback with Exage on it, and for the last few years I’ve been making do with a 1970-ish Bottechia that is a nice enough ride but weighs the best part of 25 pounds.  Clearly it was time for something light and quick, and now I had a bit of funds to use for it as well.  Not too much otherwise I would have just bought a nice Rocky Mountain from the boys at Tinker Creek.  But the high end Rockys were too much money and the entry level ones just didn’t appeal.  All I wanted was a nice simple aluminum frame, cos I like aluminum, and I don’t like frames with all kinds of weird curves and oddities just for the sake of having them.  When this GT GTR Series 2 frame came up, it seemed to be just the ideal thing.  Only cost me about $275, too.

Then the next thing was the components.  I like Shimano stuff a lot, but I’ve never had a fully Campagnolo bike and I really, really dislike the looks of the Shimano brifters.  So it was settled that I should build it up with Campy and so that I didn’t change my mind I quickly bought these Vento wheels.  The Ventos are reasonably light, not featherweight but not bad, and they’re very strong and look good.  I like that they’re silver, too.  I want to go with a mostly silver build on this bike, so that I get a nice classic look.  Never been that fond of black parts.  I feel a bike is already enough form-follows-function that a little gleam on the parts is a nice touch, more so than drab black bits.

So here’s a couple pictures of the frame and the wheels.