fitness report (a.k.a. “lack thereof”)

Dan Empfield at Slowtwitch has it figured that at age 45 the average man should be able to run his age for a 10k, minus 20 seconds for every year under 45.  So I should be able to do it in 41:40 (no prizes for guessing my age, now).

By comparison, the last time I timed a 5k I did it in 42:40.  I’ve never even run 10k at once.  Ouch.

This summer, for one reason and another, has been pretty bad as far as training goes.  Cycling has been minimal, running has been a bit more but rather irregular, swimming nonexistent.  At present I am in the throes of a full-on push to get back in shape, for two reasons: firstly, after I hit 35 my metabolism hit a brick wall and I gained over 20lb since; and secondly, X-C ski season is approaching (yeah, yeah, I know) and I wish for it not to suck.

September, I have a goal to run every weekday.  As long as my feet don’t give me trouble – which they might – I see no issues following through on this and it should drastically improve my running, which goes to pot very quickly when untrained but also improves at a reasonable rate when working hard at it.

Then after that I mean to get a set of rollerblades which should prepare the legs nicely for skiing.

No more fat & lazy, that’s the motto!  And now off to the gym.