back in action, sorta

First I would like to state that my ears still aren’t back to normal from a week ago.  Seriously, this is ridiculous.

Now here is the photo post I promised a little while back.  I had a bit of a time of it editing these because my RAW converter is very lame.  Seriously need to get Lightroom so I can edit my work properly.  Anyway these are pretty good evidence that skill matters more than gear.  (I have very good gear.  Just so you know which angle I’m coming at that statement from.  I think all of these images were from my 17-70 f/4 DA lens on the K20D.  I did use the Pentax 28 f/2.8 and the Kiron 80-200 f/4 a bit, but happened not to get anything (more) worthwhile from those.)

We were in the woods so I decided to take pictures of trees.  Click to enlarge.