a nice surprise

So, this is not an anime review, nor is it a Sunday post – it can’t be, because today is Monday.

Good thing no one reads this blog!

Today was the first day for archery club.  I’d never been before, so I called ahead to confirm the time and place.  Yes, it was at the arena at 7:00, but don’t bother being too punctual, no one else is.  OK, fair enough.  So I left for Morden around ten till seven, and got to the arena.  Abe had said to use the south entrance.  It had been a few years since I was there, and things had changed a fair bit, but for the life of me I could find no such thing as a south entrance.  After searching around for a while I decided to call back to Abe’s and see if I could get a clue or two.  “You’re in Winkler right?” Errrr… “OK, so that’s probably my biggest problem right now…”  Hightailed it back to Winkler and found it no worries.  Funny how being in the right town helps.

I walked in and found a very casual bunch indeed.  A few people were shooting, but most were sitting around swapping hunting stories.  This, I found, would continue the whole evening.  Since I had no hunting stories, I decided to just watch the people at the line for a while to get some enlightenment on form, but most of them were shooting compounds with releases (get a gun, seriously what’s the point), so I didn’t get a lot out of that.  There was one new guy getting some instruction, and he was shooting a longbow, so I ambled over to that end to listen in; at which point he promptly left.  Ah well.  Sat around for a while and talked to one of the other guys for a bit, and then when the crowd was a little thinner – there were more people there than I expected – I decided to step up to the line and see how much damage I could do to the net.

It had been well over a year since I shot last, and at that point I’d only been shooting for one summer, so I was fully expecting to be terribly terrible.  This, however, proved not to be the case – well, OK, in fairness it was; but, not nearly as bad as I’d expected.  At one point I even shot a tighter group than Abe did, which I was pretty smug about.  That lasted until he got warmed up and was putting his arrows within two inches of each other!

I must have shot for nearly an hour all told, but once my form started to waver badly I decided to call it a night.  Over that time I only missed the target once, due to the string hitting my bracer, and usually put the arrows in an 18 inch group or so.  Not good, certainly, but not bad either for a very rusty novice.  I am now very much looking forward to greatly improving over the winter, and once spring comes I’ll get a target set up in the back yard and without any doubt I will be wearing out bulls-eyes by summer’s end 😉