not never, but certainly late

It seems amidst the peculiar paths and whizzings and crunchings of my semi-functional mind is a characteristic that is as baffling as it is annoying; namely, that of simply not doing something.  Now you’d think that this is an ordinary sort of procrastination, but the fact is it’s more of a reluctance to take some, any sort, of action; that once a project, no matter now small, is on my agenda, if it does not get done instantly, there is afterwards a sort of magnetic field that keeps me from doing it for no reason whatsoever other than – well that’s just it, if I could put a name to it I might be able to get over it.  This results in simple tasks, sometimes a matter of minutes, and of considerable importance at that, occasionally being put off for years.

Sometimes an important date is sufficient to overcome this inertia; sometimes that date has to come and go for three years first.

This is all a roundabout way of saying that I have at last updated the virtual museum page for my mother’s life and art, with the biographical texts.  Shame on me; there’s no excuse for it taking this long.

Anyway, here it is.  Go read.