Project Curbside final update

Well today was a beautiful day so I took the Peugeot out to give it a bath and pose for photos.  It is finished except for rebuilding the headset and bottom bracket, and it still needs proper pedals, but other than that it’s done.  So I expect this will be the last post about it.  The bars are wrapped with 1″ polypropylene webbing.  This is difficult to do because you need to maintain a good amount of tension on the webbing as you wrap, in order to get it to stay put.  But once done, correctly, the result is a very durable and grippy bar wrap.  What else … most of the stuff has been shown before I guess, the brake is on now, the original centrepull worked fine once re-greased.  The aero lever combined with the centrepull gives a very tidy cable routing.

So overall, pretty pleased with how this project turned out.  This was my first fixed-gear conversion, and also my first bolt-on cog conversion.  I expect I’ll be converting more bikes, but I’ll probably use conventional hubs from now on.  The cog was a good experiment but offers few practical advantages, no real cost advantage, and makes a fair bit of extra work and parts chasing.