red-letter day

Well you don’t get too many days like this one!

First item on the agenda was the Morden Triathlon. Everything went smoothly, pretty much … and we won! I was not too surprised by it, although I was surprised by how slow the cycling field was – however, I didn’t have to run 10.5k after the bike, and most of the rest of them did. So that’s understandable. Beautiful day for it, gotta say the whole thing was pretty much flawless front to back. I didn’t have a computer on my bike, so I don’t yet know my exact time (they didn’t post relay results on the results board … slackers). Should know soon. It was just over 50 minutes I think, for the 30k.

And then:

I bought a car! Yup, the endless string of boring “car search” posts can now be concluded (you think your sigh of relief is big, how about mine?!). It’s a Q45. Bought on ebay. I didn’t at all expect to win the auction. It was sitting at $5000, and I sniped it for $5200 max bid … and ended up winning it for $5100. Seriously, who gives themselves that little margin??? Oh well, works for me. Here she be:

So now I have to send a certified cheque; that’ll be done Monday; and also arrange shipping, which should also be done Monday. Hopefully shipping doesn’t take too long.