So, went to see the Simpsons movie on the weekend.

In my defense, we were pretty bored.

I was expecting dumb slapstick and we got that.  Lots of very funny stuff, it must be said.

But why must they feel it necessary to have the mocking of Christianity be a major theme of the movie???*  and it was a major theme, not just a dash here and a pinch there.  Have to say, if it had been the “religion of peace” du jour they offended instead, there would be hundreds dead already from the “protests” (riots).

Funnily enough though, Grandpa Simpson’s prophecies that he spoke in his “Holy Ghost fit” actually all came true.  Which is more than you can say for the vast majority of real life Pentecostal “prophecies”.

*yes, don’t answer that, we all already know.