thoughts, on becoming a fish

Well, still swim training every morning (more or less, this week I got there every morning).  Steady progress, is good.  Today I started “overswitch” which is the last drill in the TI system before actual swimming … it’s basically a standard freestyle swim stroke without the breathing (yes you do breath, you just pause the drill to do it).  Went well.  It’s strange though, been doing the “zipperswitch” all week and sometimes it feels just perfect and sometimes I feel so unbalanced that I seem to be about to tip over in some direction or other.  Got a bit of that today but not much.

Learning swimming is basically the same as learning kanji.  Or anything else.  You master the skills in blocks, start with the micro-segments of it, eventually that series of strokes or whatever it is becomes “one thing” and now you can use that as a single block that can be incorporated into a meta-block that will in its own turn become a single block for the next level up.  And the next thing you know you have it.

And then you go back to the beginning and polish the micro-segments that you started with to perfection.  Because a building is only as good as its materials.