this summer’s training …

… has been rather strange.

Haven’t been able to get into the swing of things properly at all.  Always one thing or another that knocks me out of my rhythm.  And then since I’ve mostly been swimming, and that’s mostly refining technique at this point; and the rest of my training has been mostly running, since that’s my weakest area; my cycling has suffered badly.   In fact I haven’t even taken the TT bike out at all this year.  Think I’ll do so this weekend, I miss going fast!

Speaking of little annoying disruptions, this morning I get to the pool in a great hurry as per usual, go to get my stuff out of my bag, … wait, where’s my goggles.  They’re ALWAYS in the bag.  OK, maybe the end pocket – nope.  Other end – nope.  Le sigh.  Go back to front desk, they haven’t had any turned in.  Go back home in defeat, and they’re not there either.  So, you know, stuff like that, there’s a day’s training lost, no good reason.