I may be beginning to get it

I am now faster than some (slow) people!

Endurance is still poor, as by the end of my 25-ish minute session my form is beginning to deteriorate notably.  But, I think what I have now will be good enough to do a sprint tri, and that’s the first time in my life I’ve been able to say that.  I should go to Morden and do the swim course there, to prove this to myself.

Oh … got this credit card deal from Capital One.  It looked good, I figured I’d go for it.  Well, they have a policy that if you’ve been living at your current location for less than three years, you have to give them your previous address as well.  Fair enough.  But!  NO P.O. BOXES.  Okay … so unless you live in a city, they don’t want your business.  (Cos my previous home, that was the only address I had.  Seriously, no one’s going to look at your land number!)

I figure it was just in time.  I had an account with Capital One before and I closed it cos I didn’t like their attitude – us first, customers second.  This spared me from dealing with them again.