getting back into watches

I used to be quite a watch aficionado, with the complication that I couldn’t actually afford anything I really wanted.  So I mostly stopped caring.

The complication remains but my interests go in cycles and it seems I have come back to the fine art of horology.  Doing the best I can with what I have, today I purchased a nice Seiko 5 for a sum so low it is actually a bit embarrassing, so I won’t mention it here!  Picture is below.

I read a comment somewhere not long ago, that fine watches, since they do appreciate over time, may probably be better long-term investments than many stocks or bonds – particularly in a market climate such as exists at the present moment.  This may be all the excuse I need to buy something proper!  At least watches are something an engineer’s brain can understand, not like the endless abstractions of the financial market.

Seiko 5