a self-evident truth

Every man has only one proper, acceptable apple pie: all others are so inferior as to not be worth mentioning.  This is, of course, the way his mom made it.

On a completely unrelated note: my to-do list today went from the top of the notepaper all the way to the bottom.  Ack!

getting back into watches

I used to be quite a watch aficionado, with the complication that I couldn’t actually afford anything I really wanted.  So I mostly stopped caring.

The complication remains but my interests go in cycles and it seems I have come back to the fine art of horology.  Doing the best I can with what I have, today I purchased a nice Seiko 5 for a sum so low it is actually a bit embarrassing, so I won’t mention it here!  Picture is below.

I read a comment somewhere not long ago, that fine watches, since they do appreciate over time, may probably be better long-term investments than many stocks or bonds – particularly in a market climate such as exists at the present moment.  This may be all the excuse I need to buy something proper!  At least watches are something an engineer’s brain can understand, not like the endless abstractions of the financial market.

Seiko 5

speaking of fiction …

I’m making up my life as I go along on my new Twitter.

I figure it might even get me to post here more!

(The general principle with my life is, of course, I won’t do anything until it requires the absolute minimum of effort.  Twitter, with the Spaz desktop widget for posting, meets this requirement very nicely.)

Oh – the name.  Lan’dorien is a name that I started out using as a character name for an elvish hunter in a popular MMORPG that I played for a while (goes back to that minimum effort thing).  Since then I’ve been using it a bit for various things.  Other than the vaguely elven sound, it has no actual meaning.

I may be beginning to get it

I am now faster than some (slow) people!

Endurance is still poor, as by the end of my 25-ish minute session my form is beginning to deteriorate notably.  But, I think what I have now will be good enough to do a sprint tri, and that’s the first time in my life I’ve been able to say that.  I should go to Morden and do the swim course there, to prove this to myself.

Oh … got this credit card deal from Capital One.  It looked good, I figured I’d go for it.  Well, they have a policy that if you’ve been living at your current location for less than three years, you have to give them your previous address as well.  Fair enough.  But!  NO P.O. BOXES.  Okay … so unless you live in a city, they don’t want your business.  (Cos my previous home, that was the only address I had.  Seriously, no one’s going to look at your land number!)

I figure it was just in time.  I had an account with Capital One before and I closed it cos I didn’t like their attitude – us first, customers second.  This spared me from dealing with them again.

this summer’s training …

… has been rather strange.

Haven’t been able to get into the swing of things properly at all.  Always one thing or another that knocks me out of my rhythm.  And then since I’ve mostly been swimming, and that’s mostly refining technique at this point; and the rest of my training has been mostly running, since that’s my weakest area; my cycling has suffered badly.   In fact I haven’t even taken the TT bike out at all this year.  Think I’ll do so this weekend, I miss going fast!

Speaking of little annoying disruptions, this morning I get to the pool in a great hurry as per usual, go to get my stuff out of my bag, … wait, where’s my goggles.  They’re ALWAYS in the bag.  OK, maybe the end pocket – nope.  Other end – nope.  Le sigh.  Go back to front desk, they haven’t had any turned in.  Go back home in defeat, and they’re not there either.  So, you know, stuff like that, there’s a day’s training lost, no good reason.

for great justice!

This is the part where I complain about our “justice” system.

Today I must go pay a speeding ticket.  Note: I didn’t speed.  Wasn’t even my vehicle.  However in the eyes of the law I am responsible.  How does this work?  It’s pretty easy really.  What happened was, in July ’06, I sold my old pickup.  It was on its last legs and no where near passing safety inspection.  Got $500, more than fair, I thought.  However!  I made a very bad mistake.  I forgot the plates on it.

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