my only useful skill

1 c sugar (use brown if you like)
1/2 c butter, softened
three ripe bananers
2 large eggs
2 tsp vanilla
2 c whole wheat flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 c semi-sweet chocolate chips, or raisins, or currants

cream butter/sugar
beat in bananas, eggs, vanilla
fold in dry stuffs, just till all is moistened
mix in chocolate chips or whatever

pour results into two 5×8 pans, greased and floured, sprinkle more
chocolate chips on top – or walnuts if you used raisins/currants

bake at 350* F for 40-45 minutes or until it passes the usual toothpick drill.

inching along

Bit by bit we make more progress toward summer.  It will be the same as usual I suppose.  Wait, wait, wait – SUMMER! oops, it’s over.

OK, that’s a bit pessimistic even for me.

Today I put my new Panaracers on the MTB.  If they’re as good as they are sticky on the hands, I’m gonna own the trails this summer.  Doug says they’re what he always uses, and James was very impressed with them, so I have high hopes.  They are the Fire XC Pro.  Need to find out if the bridge is up on the lake trail already, gotta try these things out ASAP.

it made me lawl

Reading down on this page, that is. See where I said, a few posts back, about the Q … “few minor issues I wasn’t told about, shouldn’t be serious”?

HAHAHAHA ummm …. ouch.

So far I’ve spent, on average, around $500 every month on repairs for that thing. And it still isn’t right. Has the famous idle stumble now, which can have any of a dozen causes, many of them expensive. Today I intend to get an OBD-II scanner so I can pull codes, which may or may not help me diagnose it. MAF was a possibility; that seems to have been eliminated. Injector resistance, I can’t seem to measure through the harness as one can with G50 Qs. However the most likely thing is a failing coilpack, so that means I have to test each of them – fortunately not a difficult process. If I can pin it down to one coilpack, it’s only about $80 to replace, so that isn’t bad, but the process of pinning down the problem is a real nuisance.

WTS one Q45, cheep

minor breakthrough

So back to that rhythmic breathing thing, this morning I was getting really frustrated.  Enough so that I goofed a bit and went to breathe way earlier than I should have, or thought I should have – it didn’t work very well (cough, splutter) but I could tell instantly that I was onto something.  By the end of the session, well I won’t say I had it down cos I didn’t, but it’s a whole lot closer than it was!  Three more pool sessions, let’s see if I can get it somewhat smoothed out.

a bit at a loss

Just starting to get a bit into anime.  There actually isn’t much of it that’s interesting to me … don’t really care about comedy, sci-fi just irritates me, most fantasy bores me, and that covers the majority of what’s out there it seems like.  However now I’m almost undecided whether to even bother watching any more, …

because I really don’t think anything else can measure up to the greatness that is Haibane Renmei.

just not coming together

Wednesday and today, I’ve been trying to put together a full swim stroke.  Not really happening.  The trouble is with my breathing.  I can do all the drills reasonably well, but rhythmic breathing eludes me.  Thing is swimming is basically overswitch drill with breathing incorporated; however, during overswitch, with the balance I’ve learned (which does seem to be very efficient), my head is so far underwater that just rolling to where I should be able to breathe leaves me with my mouth six inches from the surface – so I have to wait till my head clears the surface, and that interrupts my rhythm.  Really not sure how I can overcome this.  I tried the drill TI suggests, with just breathing from skating position, and that seems to work more or less OK.  But putting that together with the overswitch, just doesn’t.

Well, five more practices in the pool and then that season is over.  I may have to get a wetsuit yet, and go to the lake until freeze-up (heh, right!).

she’s home


Pix tomorrow.

edit: go here for pix.

Few issues with it that I wasn’t told about.  I don’t think any of them should be too serious.  Overall it’s in good shape and I’m reasonably satisfied.  Now this importing process seems to be, well, a real process.  LONG process.  RIV take their sweet time.

thoughts, on becoming a fish

Well, still swim training every morning (more or less, this week I got there every morning).  Steady progress, is good.  Today I started “overswitch” which is the last drill in the TI system before actual swimming … it’s basically a standard freestyle swim stroke without the breathing (yes you do breath, you just pause the drill to do it).  Went well.  It’s strange though, been doing the “zipperswitch” all week and sometimes it feels just perfect and sometimes I feel so unbalanced that I seem to be about to tip over in some direction or other.  Got a bit of that today but not much.

Learning swimming is basically the same as learning kanji.  Or anything else.  You master the skills in blocks, start with the micro-segments of it, eventually that series of strokes or whatever it is becomes “one thing” and now you can use that as a single block that can be incorporated into a meta-block that will in its own turn become a single block for the next level up.  And the next thing you know you have it.

And then you go back to the beginning and polish the micro-segments that you started with to perfection.  Because a building is only as good as its materials.