bye-bye baby

So the guy I mentioned before was just as interested as he seemed. The fact of it was it was a family effort to get him a car. Really nice family and a good guy, I’m glad it went to someone like him; he really appreciates the car if his smile when getting in was anything to go by! I didn’t get quite what I hoped for it, but I think it was a fair price overall, if perhaps a little favouring the buyer. But you never know if you’ll get another offer so I decided to go with this one.

Off we go into the sunset …


Here’s more pix if you’re interested.

In between

So, rode the Eyre again today; still dialing in the position, I have it a bit more comfortable now but just as fast, maybe faster. Really pleased with how this project turned out – it’s just how I wanted it, fairly cheap, utterly bling-free, but highly effective.

Don’s bachelor party is tomorrow … I dunno about this, I’m such a hermit I really am not good at these things at all. But I think we have a pretty good evening lined up. I am basing this partly on the fact that it’s virtually identical to Dave’s bachelor party two years ago! But really, indoor karting at 50 km/h, with lap timers and everything, you can’t go wrong with that.

And before that, planning to meet a guy that is supposedly very interested in the MR2. That would be quite something if I could get it sold this weekend. Next up I think is a Y33 Infiniti Q45 (1997-2001). Good deals to be had in the US. It won’t look half as good as Mikey’s here, but you get the idea. Check out if you like the style.



Well I’ve been kinda run off my feet lately, but yet not that much of interest happening … the MR2 is for sale now, guitar recital is done and went better than it could have but worse than it should have (does that ever change?!), planning Don’s bachelor party which is a bit bigger task than I really expected (it should be good though), etc.

And, this little rocketship is done.


No, it’s not remotely comfortable.  It isn’t bad for about 20km though, which is the longest distance I ever plan to ride it, except for the Morden 30km bike leg.  Ride quality is quite good, it’s just the position that hurts a bit … it’s okay though when you’re hammering, and that’s all this thing is meant for.  And it definitely is very very fast.  Having said that, I am still dialing in the position and I think I may try going down and back a bit.  It isn’t UCI legal now, not that I’m worried about that until next year at least, but it is a point to consider.  I need to get video so I can do the “eyeball wind tunnel” analysis.

Cervelo Eyre Tri frame

Ritchey Probiscus integrated aerobar

Drivetrain is a mix of Ultegra derailleurs, Dura-Ace shifters, 105 crank, Dura-Ace cassette (nine-speed)
Campagnolo Mirage monoplanar brakes operated by Cane Creek 200TT levers

Wheels are Velocity Pro Elite 650C rims, Wheelsmith spokes, Ultegra hubs; 24h front, 28h rear; carrying Clement Criterium tubulars.

Titec El Norte seatpost, Profile Tri Stryke saddle.

Project Curbside final update

Well today was a beautiful day so I took the Peugeot out to give it a bath and pose for photos.  It is finished except for rebuilding the headset and bottom bracket, and it still needs proper pedals, but other than that it’s done.  So I expect this will be the last post about it.  The bars are wrapped with 1″ polypropylene webbing.  This is difficult to do because you need to maintain a good amount of tension on the webbing as you wrap, in order to get it to stay put.  But once done, correctly, the result is a very durable and grippy bar wrap.  What else … most of the stuff has been shown before I guess, the brake is on now, the original centrepull worked fine once re-greased.  The aero lever combined with the centrepull gives a very tidy cable routing.

So overall, pretty pleased with how this project turned out.  This was my first fixed-gear conversion, and also my first bolt-on cog conversion.  I expect I’ll be converting more bikes, but I’ll probably use conventional hubs from now on.  The cog was a good experiment but offers few practical advantages, no real cost advantage, and makes a fair bit of extra work and parts chasing.


cog on

Cog is drilled and mounted on the Project Curbside wheel.  This was a bit of a task.  I started with a very small bit, then had to drill the holes up one size at a time.  I tried going straight to the finished size but the steel just hardened up immediately.  A better cutting fluid than WD-40 might’ve helped.

Notes to self: 1) gloves are a very very good idea when holding a cog down while drilling 2) if you ever have to replace a cassette, Miche makes theirs from some extremely hard stuff.


Project Warp 9 update

Well today I picked up the Cervelo Eyre Tri frame up from the shop. They have prepared the frame, and installed the bottom bracket and headset. Of course I had to start bolting on a few parts. Pix attached. The seat will be lower, I hope. That seat-to-bar drop makes my neck ache just to look at it!

If you want all the gory details you can see the Google Notebook I made for this project here.

pict6056.JPG pict6057.JPG

Project Curbside update

OK well progress has been painfully slow not least because it’s been way way too cold to work in the garage. I do have both wheels built now. Attached are a couple detail shots of the rear hub. It’s a Shimano HB-M475 disc hub, converted with a solid axle and two custom-made spacers into a rear fixed hub for a bolt-on cog. The wheel is completely dishless. It should work very well; however, with track hubs available from Harris for $35 there is absolutely no good reason to do this other than the playing-with-man-toys factor. Which is a fine reason by the way. Pardon the wretched mess in the garage but the overall shot shows that I have: cleaned off the junk parts, installed the seatpost (Kalloy) and seat (my old Rolls), installed the bar (Dimension ergo – not quite what I ordered but I couldn’t be bothered exchanging it), installed the brake lever (Tektro) (there’s a dummy lever coming for the other side but that’s another post (only cos the dummy at the hardware store sold the dummy doing this project the wrong size nut for the fixing bolt)), and finished the wheels. Once the tires are on, the brake is on, and the chain, and the bar wrapped, this will be finished. It seems like it’ll never get done but in reality I am almost there. Stuff I need yet is the chain and brake cable, and, I think, that’s it.
Oh and winter is being a real pain.

Oh and also tri training is going okay, getting some running in, riding on the rollers, hitting the gym, each twice a week in weeks when the plan is followed. Spinervals “On the Road” is really good.

And winter is still a pain.


incoming! will be redirecting here soon.  I figured its original purpose didn’t really exist any more and the blog software combined with Porta galleries is more versatile.  Look for some new pages soon featuring the old photos from Willowroot as well as, hopefully, some new stuff (shock horror!*).

*that means I’ll have to get out there and do some new work.  About time too.


Top Secret no more …

I can’t seem to get around to taking pix of this thing so I’ll just put up what I have.

Now I will have to do a tri or two next summer. About time I got back into training anyway.

Oh and the rest of the Project Curbside parts are ordered.  Thing ended up costing a fair bit, no surprise I guess.  Hoping to have it done by the year’s end (should be easy barring the unforeseen).