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first wheel built

yesterday. Was easier than I expected actually, I guess trying to fix banged-up wheels is harder than building wheels with good stuff, whodathunkit. I did goof slightly, the valve hole is offset from where it should be, so the pump head will be a bit harder to get in between the spokes than it ought. This was the front wheel for the roadie. Lacing the rear tonight.

No progress on the Peugeot other than getting some parts in.

Big snowfall Monday night/Tuesday morning. Luckily my 18t cog arrived Monday evening just in time. Roads were kinda sketchy yesterday (well mostly fine but the parking lot and the bay were uncleared so I couldn’t stay upright there at all) but today all cleared and riding was good. -18.7 though, I guess it is finally winter for real.

Oh, and new Top Secret project in the works, details soon.

oi my legs

ok so it seems that 46/16 was a tad ambitious. Especially with the heavy-rolling studded ‘cross tyres. Gives me almost 79 gear inches and a pile of resistance. So I ordered up an 18 tooth cog from Ben’s Cycles.

Also, got the bottom bracket rebuilt on Project Curbside. Went real smooth. Headset tomorrow and then I have to order parts (my wallet is quaking as we speak).

le fikste, defined

Brian Nelson's street fix

This is what a road-going fixed wheel bike should look like.

I will permit no dissent on this subject.

(OK fine so I’m just testing image uploads.  Whatever.  It’s still the definitive style.)

Oh and I got to work on ye olde Peugeot yesterday.  Good progress.  Everything came off pretty easy, even the crankarm.  More soon.